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TrackPath v1.3.0.1073 released

Following extensive testing of v1.2, an updated release is now available with the following fixes:

  • The Included Applications list now supports an ordered list of both included and excluded applications. With the existing wild-card support, complex rules of which applications should be included and which should be excluded can now be created.
  • The mouse can be used to drag the screen shot around in the main window. This is not available in Highlight or Mask mode.
  • When logging an issue, all applications that contain screens within the last 1 minutes are automatically selected.
  • Importing a license file directly from Outlook (by double -clicking the attachment) is supported.
  • The Enter key now creates a new line instead of pressing the OK button when entering a description for an issue.
  • The performance of loading the application list before logging an issue has been improved.
  • Friendlier handling of errors when saving reports.
  • Fixed format of graphics when exporting a report to RTF or HTML.
  • Critical events logged to the Windows Event Log are only identified if they have a corresponding Windows Error Dialog.
  • Improved usability with high DPI settings on Vista and Windows 7 when configured for XP compatibility.
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