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Enhanced Privacy

A concern shared by several users of the standard edition of TrackPath was the chance of submitting confidential data as part of a reported issue. The first feature we’ve added is the ability to obfuscate the background portion of all screen shots. This feature is available via a check box on the Report Issue form. The idea behind this feature is to prevent the help desk operator from seeing any confidential data in another application that happens to be on the desktop such as Outlook or a payroll system.

Click on the image below to see how TrackPath hides the background details of screen shots.

The second feature to be added is to obfuscate all keystrokes. TrackPath automatically detects inputs against password fields but there are other times when the specifics of all keystrokes should be hidden. Standard users get a new check box on the Report Issue form and professional users also get the feature via a context menu on each individual input.

Once an input has been masked, it is shown like this.

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