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TrackPath v1.4.0.1091 released

An updated release of TrackPath is available containing the following enhancements:

  • Installer is signed for a more professional user experience. See blog post for more details.
  • Allows installation of a newer version while the old version is still running. Requires the old version to be at least v1.3.1.
  • Trial license supports dynamic switching between Standard and Professional modes.
  • Improved support for Microsoft Messenger.
  • Programmers API allowing other applications to notify TrackPath of an issue.
  • All users can mask the background area of every image in their results.
  • Allows individual input details to be masked if TrackPath was unable to automatically mask it due to not identify a standard password field.
  • Dynamically identify problem applications and limit the target element details that are captured with each input.
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