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Game change for Internal and Outsourced IT Help Desks

Application and desktop issues are no longer the open-ended drain on resources and Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets can be tackled with greater confidence

Sliding Mind, a new technology provider, who delivers inspired, innovative solutions for IT help desks, today announced TrackPath, a new solution that eliminates the guess work involved in recreating the application problem when a user contacts the IT Help Desk. TrackPath continuously monitors the activity on each PC so that in the event of any issue, a fully documented audit trail is instantly available for transmission to the IT help/service desk.

According to Gartner: “There continues to be an erroneous belief that the IT service desk tool represents the greatest cost for IT service support… 86% of the cost of an IT service desk is staffing related…” ¹. Colin Armitage, CEO of Sliding Mind, adds: “The high cost associated with IT service desk contact is exactly what TrackPath aims to reduce”.

TrackPath continuously tracks all user activity on a PC irrelevant of whether the application is deployed through the cloud, browser or desktop. A user friendly audit trail is available in the event of operating system or application problems. TrackPath is the perfect solution for large user communities supported by a central help desk. Help desk staff are no longer reliant on the ability of a user to recall or reproduce the steps that led to their problem. Instead, the user can send a fully documented audit trail within two mouse clicks.

This core detailed reporting of user activity is reinforced with screen by screen tracking of memory and CPU usage, a detailed timeline, hardware configuration and operating system information plus information on the application stack being used. TrackPath also removes the need for remote PC access after an issue has occurred, an approach which impacts both the help desk professional and end user.

“Providing a professional and efficient help desk is a major challenge,” continued Armitage. “Instant access to the cause of incidents is a game changer and will dramatically decrease the load on the help desk professionals and lower the cost of providing that support.”

Data confidentiality is at the core of TrackPath and nothing leaves the PC without the explicit approval of an authorised user. This basic philosophy is underpinned by the automatic identification and obfuscation of passwords and background applications, which could otherwise cause sensitive information to be unintentionally shared.

TrackPath is a lightweight implementation for any modern PC and its presence on memory and processor load is virtually undetectable.

TrackPath is available now for download and a free trial at:


¹ “IT Key Metrics Data 2009: Key Infrastructure Measures: Help Desk Analysis: Multi Year” – 15 December 2008, Linda Tracy, Jamie K. Guevara, Eric Stegman

About Sliding Mind: (
Sliding Mind was formed by Original Software in 2010 to develop new products based upon the technology and intellectual property that underpins the Original Software AQM solution suite that comprises Qualify, TestDrive-Assist, TestDrive and TestBench. Identified as a ‘visionary’ by Gartner, Original Software believes that Sliding Mind can deliver equally innovative solutions to a range of business challenges. The first product, TrackPath, was released in 2011 and is designed to address the key challenges of problem diagnosis and reproduction across help desk and user acceptance test (UAT) operations.

The global financial crisis has brought a welcome sense of financial virtue to businesses and it is now essential that the total cost of an IT investment is known and can be aligned with revenues. All Sliding Mind products are therefore offered on an annual term license that includes the product, help desk and free upgrades during the year.

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