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TrackPath v2.0.2.1026 released

V2.0.2 of TrackPath has been released and is available for download.

This is a minor update that fixes an issue with the ‘mask background’ feature when used in specific multi-monitor situations.

TrackPath v2.0.1.1024 released

V2.0.1 of TrackPath has been released and is available for download.

This is a minor update that addresses a couple of bugs when adding hidden or highlighted areas to the most recent screen shot in the list.

EMA Impact Brief for TrackPath

Industry analyst, Julie Craig from Enterprise Management Associates, (EMA), recently published a report on the launch of TrackPath, our comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics for the desktop. This report can be downloaded here!

On October 26, 2011 Sliding Mind ( a subsidiary of Original Software ( introduced TrackPath, a new product line for monitoring enterprise applications from the perspective of the desktop. Known for Application Quality Management (AQM) and testing across the pre-deployment application lifecycle, this is a new venture for Original Software and one that addresses a market with relatively few competing solutions.
This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Impact Brief provides the details of this news against a backdrop of Sliding Mind’s parent company and its history in the marketplace. It also discusses desktop monitoring in context to current industry trends. EMA sees this announcement as a welcome addition to the End User Experience (EUE) marketplace. It is an innovative solution from a stable, experienced company with deep and broad application lifecycle knowledge.

TrackPath v2.0.0.1022 released

V2 of TrackPath has been released and is available for download.

To read more about this release, read our press announcement here!

The features included in this release are:

Reversed screen list

By default, the screen list was being scrolled to the last event in the list. This made the list appear incomplete because the parent application node and top-level system node were typically invisible due to being scrolled off the top of the screen.

It has been decided to reverse the list so the most recent events appear on the top.

Reversed Screen List

Simplified user interface

The current user interface gives users a simplified view of what will be included in any issue they report. This was originally designed to keep untrained users away from the complexity of the main form.

Now that TrackPath is only available in one version, all users have access to the main form. This meant it had to be simplified so it could be used with zero or minimal training. It was decided to merge the original Issue form and the Main form into a single form.

This is what we have ended up with: