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Service Desk Challenges

Incident reporting, tracking and analysis

Providing an effective and efficient Service Desk has many challenges, whether you keep that operation in-house or use an outsourced model. Simple requests, like asking for a password to be reset takes a predictable, limited time and places almost no impact on the end user. Much harder requests such as application and operating system issues, where the steps leading to the difficulty will typically have been lost as the end user focuses on fulfilling their role in the business, take up too much time and resource to solve efficiently.

This immediately creates a predicament both for the service desk professional and the end user. The service desk professional can try to recreate the issue without further involvement from the end user but is unlikely to succeed. They are then faced with the difficult decision as to whether to continue to attempt recreation in isolation or to involve the end user who just wants to get on with their job.

Involving the end user has its own challenges. While asking them to try to reproduce the issue and to call back with reproduction steps might seem appealing, it is not practical and would rapidly lead to a frustrated client. Most service desk professionals will therefore turn to some tool to give them a remote view of the end user’s desktop. Tools such as Go To Meeting, Webex and Microsoft Remote Desktop are often used but they require a degree of installation and training, burning further precious minutes from the end user’s day. Web-based remote access tools also need to be treated with caution as they can actually change the┬ábehavior of other applications.

Of course watching the end user attempt to recreate the issue is a positive step, but now two people are involved and there is still no guarantee that either will be able to reproduce the problem or defect.

Whatever the decisions and approach, time is money and business demands do not rest.

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