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TrackPath Solution

TrackPath for desktop monitoring and diagnostics, issue reporting and issue analysis

TrackPath for desktop monitoring and diagnostics

The TrackPath solution monitors every action of the user to provide a continuous audit trail for any purpose. In the event of a problem the audit trail is instantly available and can be shared with the service desk to make incident management a lot more efficient. TrackPath goes further as it monitors for application problems and will proactively alert the end user to potential issues that they may not have even noticed.

So when a problem occurs, complete, fully documented defect reproduction steps are instantly available, including full details of mouse and keyboard inputs, together with all relevant screen shots. CPU and memory utilisation are also continually monitored as these often point to the root cause of an issue.

When the issue report is received and viewed by the service desk professional they can see every aspect of the steps that led up to the reported issue. In addition they can mark up individual actions and screens to extend the data prior to sharing with the relevant development team.

Crucially nothing leaves any PC without the express decision of the user and additional security features include masking the keystrokes for all identified password entries. The end user is in total control of what data they share with their service desk.