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101 Uses of TrackPath

There are so many powerful benefits, here are our 101 uses of TrackPath!

101 uses of TrackPath sounds like a bold claim, but TrackPath’s lightness of touch combined with powerful reporting opens the door to many possibilities. We will update this page based on feedback from our customers as they discover new and powerful ways of maximising the return from their investment. Use our TrackPath ROI Calculator to help understand the money and time you could save.

Application Support

Full reproduction steps for every application issue or defect are instantly available. The user is freed of the need to attempt to reproduce the issue for their help desk. They are now much more likely to report issues rather than losing confidence and becoming increasingly frustrated with the application when with only 2 mouse clicks they can report a fully documented issue.

Operating System Upgrades

Rolling out upgrades to operating systems and associated software such as browsers is fraught with difficulty as no amount of testing can replicate the almost infinite combination of active applications and use that will be generated by the user community. TrackPath can act as your safety blanket providing complete information on the active applications, hardware utilisation and reproduction steps so the underlying problem can be rapidly identified and resolved.

User Acceptance Testing

By its very nature, user acceptance testing frequently involves end users, skilled in the line of business but not necessarily trained in the structured and complete reporting of defects. Running silently in the background. TrackPath is always available with a complete report of the actions that led up to the defect. This saves the end users’ time and also ensures the IT function has all the information they need to reproduce and remedy the error.

Usability Testing

The accurate tracking of mouse paths together with the dwell times gives a powerful picture of how a user interacts with an application and helps identify where there is room to optimise the user interface. This is good practice for all applications as it reduces user frustration and is particularly relevant for high volume applications.

Documentation Creation

TrackPath records the steps needed to successfully navigate through an application to achieve a specific objective. The Professional version allows the full details to be exported in a number of formats which are suitable as the basis for application documentation and user manuals. It should be noted that the screen images are stored internally in the loss-less PNG format suitable for the highest quality documentation.


The reports produced by TrackPath clearly show how to navigate through an application to achieve a desired objective. With PDFs simply produce, these reports can be rapidly built into a library of ‘How To’ guides.

Education Support

An increasing portion of user training is now undertaken as ‘self-teach’ which always has the possibility for the student to get stuck and become disenchanted with the application and training materials. TrackPath allows the student to share their efforts up to the point of difficulty with their instructor, allowing the difficulty to be understood and explained while identify how the training materials can be improved to avoid any reoccurrence.

3rd Party PC Support

Many companies and even individuals are turning to third parties for the provision of hardware, operating system and basic software support. TrackPath is a game changer for these vendors as it allows them to contain the time and costs associated with diagnosing an issue. Through tighter control of costs and time the vendor can offer a better service, gain a competitive cost advantage and maximise profitability.