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TrackPath Overview

Learn more about our powerful solution for incident reporting, error tracking and issue analysis with this TrackPath overview

In this TrackPath overview you can see for yourself the benefits TrackPath can make to your support and help desk requirements. TrackPath continuously tracks all user activity on any PC running a modern Microsoft operating system so that a full user friendly audit trail is instantly available in the event of operating system or application problems. This makes TrackPath the perfect solution for large user communities supported by a central help desk. The help desk operators are no longer reliant on the ability of a user to recall the steps that led to their problem as the user can send a fully documented audit trail with two mouse clicks.

TrackPath User Interface

While simple in concept, the beauty of TrackPath lies in its lightweight implementation and on any modern PCs, its presence on memory and processor load is almost impossible to detect.

TrackPath also has wider applicability and can provide the vital reproduction steps for every defect discovered during user acceptance tests. It can be used to document an application as a fast start to the production of help text and user manuals.

Crucially TrackPath is not any form of ‘big brother’ and information only leaves a PC at the specific request of the user. Data confidentiality is also a focus area for TrackPath with passwords automatically identified and obfuscated wherever possible.

If an issue has been encountered, the user selects from the list of recent applications and transmits the data to their help desk by any one of an array of methods.

TrackPath Professional Version user interface

Areas of screens can also be masked to protect corporately sensitive data before an audit trail is shared with any third parties such as the application development company.

Similarly areas of any screen to be identified and annotated with notes to extend the information automatically captured.

Once the help desk professional has added any other infromation a variety of reports can be produced formatted into PDFs or HTML to send to the relevant development group or the result file can be onward transmitted if they are also using TrackPath.

The audit trail itself contains all the information needed for a fast identification of the underlying issue including:

Green Tick for full details of each accessed application Full details of each accessed application

Green Tick for full descriptions of each user action including specific extensions for SAP and Java Full descriptions of each user action including specific extensions for SAP and Java

Green Tick for automatic hiding of passwords Automatic hiding of passwords

Green Tick for crash details for all events in the Application Error Log Crash details for all events in the Application Error Log

Green Tick for screen shots Screen shots

Green Tick for Keystrokes Keystrokes

Green Tick for mouse paths Mouse paths

Green Tick for Mouse dwell times Mouse dwell times

Green Tick for Memory load indicator Memory load indicator

Green Tick for CPU load indicator CPU load indicator

Green Tick for full details of the PC itself including hardware and operating system versions Full details of the PC itself including hardware and operating system versions

For the end user the communication of information is totally seamless with the customer able to define the options they wish to support including email, placement on a defined server and dispatch directly to another application. This information can be presented and communicated in a variety of ways as shown in this TrackPath sample report.

More information about the features of TrackPath can be found in the TrackPath on-line help files.